Green golden or diamond?

Learn about Open Access history and main issues by watching the video lecture by professor Orçun Madran (Hacettepe University, Turkey) on HERMES youtube channel.

The lecture “Introduction to Open Access” is part of a six-sessions course addressed to students of Hacettepe University Department of Information and Document Management (Turkey).

The course is the first of a set of distance training initiatives addressed to the educational community (teachers, researchers, students) and it has been realized, in collaboration with an international team of experts, with the aim of strengthening competencies in searching and retrieving quality academic documents.

Watch the video lecture (38 minutes)

The instructor: Orçun Madran received his undergraduate degree in Information Management in 1999 and MA in Management Information Sciences in 2005. He is currently working as a faculty member at the Department of Information Management at Hacettepe University. He is also working as a Chapter Lead of Turkey at Creative Commons. He is teaching programming languages and machine learning-related courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He is still working on a thesis about Educational Technology. His main research areas include open science, open data, machine learning, distance education and e-learning.


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