We stand on the shoulders of giants

A new interesting video lecture is available on HERMES youtube channel. It is a detailed overview on copyright and licenses: historical origins and different functions, why copyright and licenses are important to resource sharing, how they interact with interlibrary loan.

What makes a work copyrightable? These and other issues are explored in the lecture “Copyright and licenses?” by Donald Taylor, Head of Interlibrary Loans and Copyright Officer at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Library (Canada).

The lecture is part of a six-sessions course addressed to students of Hacettepe University Department of Information and Document Management (Turkey).

The course is the first of a set of distance training initiatives addressed to the educational community (teachers, researchers, students) and it has been realized, in collaboration with an international team of experts, with the aim of strengthening competencies in searching and retrieving quality academic documents.

Watch the video lecture (38 minutes)

The instructor: Donald Taylor is the Head of Interlibrary Loans at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Library and the university’s Copyright Officer. He is member of IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section.

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