TALARIA PILLS are micro-tutorials specifically about how to use TALARIA software. Each video lasts maximum 5 minutes and focuses on a specific action related to the use of TALARIA, to guide the librarian step by step through the different actions required to use the software.

The “Talaria Pills” are the following:

  • RSCVD Home
  • Sign up. Create account
  • Library registration and Status
  • Library profile. Upgrade to full profile
  • New borrowing request (send to 1 library / send to ALL)
  • Lending
  • Lending. Orphaned requests
  • Borrowing. Request management: Received by File
  • Borrowing. Request management: Received by mail
  • Borrowing. Request management: Not Received and repeat request
  • Borrowing and Lending. Request cancellation

You can find all the videos here: https://dalia-bo.cnr.it/dataset/hermes-o3

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