About Us

The project promotes cooperation and partnership among 5 organizations from Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Lebanon, and Spain; a national research institution, the worldwide umbrella organization for libraries, and 3 universities. All partners participate in the planned training and dissemination activities and the realization of all outputs.

Moreover, HERMES can count on a number of associated partners participating to the project as testers and first beneficiaries of the training activities and, last but not least, of an outstanding  Scientific Committee which guides the team in revising and finalizing the foreseen outputs.

The project’s transnational nature is important, firstly for the different perspectives that partners have towards resource sharing given that they are based in different regions and are involved in different levels of resource-sharing implementation, as well as facing different difficulties. The partners’ views complement each other by allowing, under the guidance of IFLA as a super partes organization, a comprehensive review of existing resource sharing systems, networks and guidelines.

Secondly, partners’ complementary specific competences make it possible to design a training programme covering all the main issues related to finding and accessing digital content through Open Access tools and library resource-sharing services, as well as to helping users overcome these difficult times by making best use of library services even at distance.bv rolex datejust 116233ssj mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 black dial 12mm

Project Partners

CNR Bologna Research Area library (Italy) is active in the field of software development since many years, having implemented NILDE and ALPE projects, the most important resource sharing projects in Italy for the number of involved institutions (90 Universities and Public Research organisations) and users (870 libraries and their 80.000 users). It coordinates the whole project and leads the realization of the new software

University of Balamand (Lebanon) is a not-for-profit academic institution of higher education active in resource sharing on the National and International levels being part of Lebanese Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services (LIDS) consortium and represented in the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing standing committee. Its participation to the project is important because it brings the possibility to reach a vast number of potential beneficiaries: the Arabic speaking librarians and users. HERMES will translate in Arabic the training materials and, through specific dissemination activities, invite Arabic speaking librarians and library users to participate to training opportunities offered by the project not only in Lebanon but, being distance courses, potentially in all Arabic countries.

University of Cantabria (Spain) cooperated with NILDE in order to ease the international interlibrary loan between Italian and Spanish libraries, and to spread the Resource Sharing Initiative. It brings to the project the experience in Inter Library Loan service being part of the national REBIUN ILL-DD-WG in guidelines of the ILL service, and having participated in NILDE survey on international ILL exchanges. University of Cantabria in particular takes care of the realization of monitoring and evaluation tools for training.crazy vape nicotine salt e liquid mango slush

MEF University (Turkey) has specific experience in management of digital resources, in fact the great majority of its resources are electronic. MEF brings to the project two aspects: a vision on how users can fully familiarize with how to access the digital resources, and an opportunity to involve Turkish libraries in the project activities. MEF University is responsible of the coordination of training activities foreseen in the project.

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is based in the Netherlands but it is the global organization representing all library types in over 150 countries including all EU. It brings to the project, a part from an enormous potential in dissemination, a considerable expertise in the development, evaluation and publication of standards and tools designed to work for the entire global library field from which HERMES will benefit in the production of all outputs. Moreover, the Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section of IFLA brings specific expertise in the project topic: HERMES can count on the potential of IFLA both as a forum for e exchanging experience and in developing tools and guidance that can support colleagues globally. IFLA is responsible for coordinating the production of the publication and for the organization of HERMES final international conference.