17th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply Conference (Qatar)

This year the theme of the 17th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply Conference was “Sharing to Heal: Resource Sharing Through the Pandemic and Beyond”: what better context to share the intentions and results of HERMES with the international community?

Under the conference theme, the DDRS Standing Committee would like to challenge the interlending and document supply community to consider strategies and solutions that were created during the pandemic and how libraries across the world demonstrated resilience and used new tools and initiatives to share information.

Key questions this year:

  1. How the pandemic impacted the DDRS community, what challenges we faced as librarians and researchers, and what solutions we brought.
  2. How the pandemic changed the face of DDRS and how the service was redesigned through new initiatives, new technologies, more global solutions and collaborative projects like HERMES.

Conference  program

This year the conference has been wonderfully hosted by Qatar National Library located in the heart of Doha’s Education City.