How academics are using information resources?

The video lecture “Resource discovery. Use cases in the academic field ” by Stephanie Krueger is now available online.

Understanding user-based service through three real cases: what researchers need to know? Different needs, different support.

The lecture is part of a six-sessions course addressed to students of Hacettepe University Department of Information and Document Management (Turkey).

The course is the first of a set of distance training initiatives addressed to the educational community (teachers, researchers, students) and it has been realized, in collaboration with an international team of experts, with the aim of strengthening competencies in searching and retrieving quality academic documents.

Watch the video lecture (37 minutes)

The instructor: Stephanie Krueger (MS/MA/PhD) is an independent academic consultant for Fornobia, a project she co-founded together with Dr. Sasha Skenderija. She works with students and researchers at many institutions, including the Czech National Library of Technology and Prague’s Czech Technical University and University of Chemistry and Technology. With a background in information science and non-profit management (including over a decade as a key figure in the international launches of JSTOR, Artstor, and DRAM), Krueger is passionate about providing everyone with access to high-quality open educational resources and to giving students and mentors the right tools to perform their work at the highest levels, regardless of where in the world they live or work. Krueger is an Associate Editor (Evidence Summaries) for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, based in Canada, and is a member of IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing (DDRS) committee.

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