The summer of 2022 was for the HERMES team full of very interesting and enriching events, meetings and experiences. In June, our colleague Ibrahim Farah from the University of Balamand presented HERMES at the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS) National Resource Sharing Workshop held in Turkey, in July and August we tested the first version of the TALARIA software with a group of volunteer librarians (thank you!) and, finally, in September we were almost fully assembled in Qatar at the 17th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply (ILDS) Conference.

The IFLA conference was a great opportunity to offer our first in-person training for librarians and to present the project to a very large and diverse international audience. We also found time for an extraordinary transnational meeting – taking advantage of the presence of two of our most valuable overseas members of the scientific committee – and for a trip to the desert.

Photos and details coming soon.

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